Syrian Electronic Army stole docs from Microsoft

Syrian Electronic Army stole docs from Microsoft. After compromising Microsoft’s official blog and Twitter account last month, the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) sifted through employees emails to acquire documents related to law enforcement inquiries. The company is investigating the information breach, but does not plan to release any of the documents and details, according to […]

Unvalidated Redirection Vulnerability in Kaspersky website

Unvalidated Redirection Vulnerability in Kaspersky website has found by security expert Ebrahim Hegazy, Cyber Security Analyst Consultant at Q-CERT. According to Ebrahim blog post, the “Unvalidated Redirection Vulnerability” in the website of the well known Antivirus and Internet Security software developer Kaspersky could be used by attackers to trick users into visitng Malicious web-sites! After the researcher reported the […]

Yahoo Hacked!

Cyber Security Expert and Penetration tester, Ebrahim Hegazy has found a serious vulnerability in Yahoo’s website that allows an attacker to remotely execute any commands on the server i.e. Remote Command Execution vulnerability. According to Ebrahim blog post, the vulnerability resides in a Chinese subdomin of Yahoo website. Last week, He reported the flaw to Yahoo Security Team and […]

Cyber Security

Cyber Security For centuries people have been collecting and storing different types of information for various reasons. Today, thanks to the new information technologies the process of collecting and providing information throughout the world is as easy as never before. Though technologies made this process digital, convenient, and dynamic, still information security should be the […]